Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Houston SEO Marketing Company experienced in SEO and Search Engine Optimization.  It is correct that MavericksOnline.Com is a long standing digital marketing agency in Houston Texas.  And this expertise dates back before the Google search engine.

So you know the talented professionals at MavericksOnline.Com optimized web pages “many moons” ago.  And this includes work targeted toward Alta Vista, Magellan, Netscape Navigator & The Open Directory Project.  Needless to say, they have been around a while.  And know a thing or two…

When considering SEO in Houston and abroad there are two questions that come to mind…

1. What are the specific elements of a website that will help your Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
2. What determines if pages rank high for specific keywords, phrases and topics?

Content Is King – Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company / Digital Marketing Agency - MavericksOnline.Com

Even more the “Days of Old” where Meta Tags are the dominant factors in search results are “OVER”!

Similarly Content Is King with any competent Houston SEO Content (Search Engine Optimization) Local Marketing Company or Agency.

Furthermore it doesn’t matter what your company sells or services. Content is Always King in Houston SEO.

Don’t forget the Social Media aspects related to SEO.  Consider it when optimizing your site for Search Engine Optimization.  Also video posts, blogs & social media updates should be utilized as positive factors. These factors relate to your company’s ability to stay in front of  customers. Social media should boost your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) placement.  Especially for terms & topics that drive quality traffic to your website.

There was a “Secret Sauce” for ranking high in SERP. Analysts use a combo of <Title>,  <Meta name=”description”> and <Meta name=”keywords”>. These meta tags along with <H1> & <B> tags were used in various combos. The tags combined specific density, repetition & overall weight of keywords. So they ranked in the top ten results on the first page of popular search engine.

Houston Local SEO Company MavericksOnline.Com is a Digital Marketing Agency  This Houston Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Company has a proven formula. This formula combines specific tasks for any company in any industry.  That formula is used to rank high in Google, Yahoo & Bing.  The formula optimizes websites to out-perform the competition. Thus maximize your online marketing efforts.