The Beginning

tumblr_n1cibrkDNt1s79rl8o1_1280Mavericks Online was born out of 18+ years of online marketing, digital media management, data list management, software product management, sales and technical consulting.  Through the years Mavericks Online has created successful relationships with many companies and individuals that have developed into strategic partnerships.

While exiting a recent opportunity I was approached by several like minded individuals with a shared vision of what is possible in today’s digital universe.  The combination of efforts transformed into immediate online consulting contracts specifically focused on the digital online marketing sector.  After several shared marketing diagrams, conference calls, discovery conversations and comprehensive phone consultations, Mavericks Online had several online marketing agreements and we have not paused since.

During our general strategy consultations it became evident that there was a need for fine tuning the sales process once the lead was generated in the form of  a phone call or online request for information. The purpose of the lead generation process is to provide an opportunity to increase revenue through the interaction of the service provider and the potential client. This can often manifest as a methodical and critical process of converting the conversation of what’s possible, specifically the value proposition,  and the agreement to accept and provide services between the two parties. The reference here is the specific and measurable obligation to provide the results implied during the opportunity conversations and relationship building process. In other words……    Converting the potential client into an actual client that is pleased to exchange currency for services.

This gap in conversion communication and associated action inspired another direction for Mavericks Online.  With current and former sales managers, CEO’s, COO’s and technical sales professionals within our group it positioned the company to provide a highly desirable and highly sought after service.  By providing sales training, consulting and leadership motives we have successfully postured the organization to provide a well honed, sustainable and duplicating process which we offer in addition to the comprehensive lead generation and marketing process.

This evolution has provided an unexpected and broadened scope of sales training and management and has provided the opportunity for current and future clients to utilize Mavericks Online services as an all inclusive business and marketing consulting organization.

The team is assembled and we are tasking assignments to appropriate associates for implementation and coordination with the custom tailored marketing blue prints provided for each of our clients.

Check back soon as Mavericks Online is Charging Hard and will not stop until you ride the wave of success to the shoreline and can’t wait to paddle back out for more.

Mavericks Online operates and is influenced within an empowered organizational structure. This model provides associates participating in our community the opportunity to interact freely and contribute openly and honestly to other decision makers and ranking associates.

Greg Wenzel – Mavericks Online